Take a (bad) picture

Started using my neglected camera again these past few weeks thanks in part to my signing up for the med school newsletter. I’m glad they decided to extend the deadline for our article, which means I can study for pharma/pedia/neuropscyh/OB this weekend and maybe sneak in a test roll from my Holga. Sorry in advance for the crappy quality of these pictures.

My window when typhoon Frank came by.

My window when typhoon Frank passed by. I was playing around with the manual focus.

A really cute and fat cat who lives in our building :) I gave him a big fish to eat.

My dad’s old leather doctor’s bags, quite fun to open and look at. He sent them along with REALLY old needles, sterile towels, bandages and other things. Doubt I’ll be using the bags though, they’re a bit heavy.

It’s Clocky! :) But I haven’t tried him out yet because I don’t have any batteries here. Hehe.

Me after school, reflected on a very dusty mirror.


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