Today I got out from school early so I decided to go to the mall. Went back home with a bunch of magazines– Teen Vogue (a staple :p), I-Mag Photography, and You, this new local magazine which was pretty much a Nylon ripoff to me (sorry). No wonder the fonts and layout looked oddly familiar (more obvious when you flip through it)…they were the same ones in Nylon (which wasn’t in stock yet, too bad).

I have no idea how to upload images here :c waaah. Also, on a very unrelated note…I really envy girls who can pull off wearing mannish trousers/jeans!

I also bought a blue Clocky in the hopes that I will wake up earlier for my 7 AM classes. I’ve been walking in on quizzes this week and the feeling wasn’t particularly nice. :/

So yes, that was my afternoon… I should start making SGDs or studying or something. Schoolwork is becoming such a depressing drag again. I guess I’m still adjusting from having mostly yearly subjects to having lots of semestral ones instead. Semestral subjects (especially my favorite-est one of all, obstretrics I!) = major stress :c


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