Yay and nay

Finally, we’ve moved out of the icky townhouse we’ve been renting in Katipunan and into one that’s actually ours at last :) We moved everything just early this morning so things are still a big mess (and big mess is an understatement). There isn’t any internet connection there yet too so I took the time to blog while I have one :) I hope I get to fix my stuff later and study for our presentation tomorrow too.

Speaking of things, my favorite silver flats were ruined because heavy rains flooded our townhouse last Wednesday. I didn’t even have a clue that it was raining that hard in QC because I was busy with the freshman orientation/tour back at school. Oh well :/ I guess that was karma for buying too many shoes. Huhuhu. (I’ll try to post pictures asap when we get our internet back. I want to make this blog more interesting by posting pictures of random stuff.)

I was also cramming my clinical pathology homework a while ago and it made me realize how much I’ve forgotten over the summer (including that of basic math, which was already lacking to begin with! :c). However, I’m glad I haven’t forgotten the basics of the autonomic system, which came out in our pharma quiz last Friday. That quiz was super nerve-wracking, to say the least. Especially since there’s so much hype about pharma being hard and last Friday was our very first meeting. We have new subsect-mates, yay! And they’re people I actually get along with. I hope this means a better year in group works for me :)


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