Back to school

Seriously, the summer seemed way too short. I’m a little excited, but for the most part I’m just dreading that awful, year-long routine of waking up early, staying up late (or at least trying to), cramming tons of information into your head in the shortest time possible, and, of course, putting on that ubiquitous white uniform day after day after day. But I hope things will be better this year… I’m going to try to concentrate more on my studies (I don’t seem to remember a thing from first year :/) and maybe try to get along with my subsect more. It’s no secret that I don’t get along with them much, but I’ll have to since I’m stuck with them still for the next few years.

In other (boring) news, we’re hopefully going to move to a new neighborhood next week. I really can’t wait since it’s much closer to UST and there are a lot of great restaurants (with delivery!!) nearby =) I’m really sick of all the lizards and cockroaches crawling around here. But then again, the new house might be just as bad since it’s even older than this one. And also, my pet kitten died :c I brought her to the vet yesterday because she was limping (due to a car accident) and had to be put in a cast. But her frail body had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia and she never woke up again… ;c I already miss how she always came up to me whenever I called her out and how she’d make a scratching post out of our couch (she loved scratching it and would then climb up to sit on it). RIP :c


One response to “Back to school

  1. nikki

    che good luck to us this year :)

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