Oh nooooo

I’ve always been more of a bag lover, but over the summer I’ve somewhat turned into a shoe lover too… what bad news for my wallet :c Right now I have 3 (yes, 3! and they’re all black!) pairs reserved in 3 different malls, and I purchased at least 3 other pairs this summer (sneaker-style flats, Keds sneakers because they were old stock and selling at a cheaper price, and black ombre flats for school). I’m flat broke (how lame, haha) just in time for the new school year.. great.

I should really invest in something so I can have a constant source of cash :c My mom’s going to have a fit when she sees me coming home with new shoes for the nth time. But she was kind of the same way too back when we were on vacation and browsing around in malls. I finally understand her semi-obsession with shoes more now, haha :)


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