Nothing much happened

It just dawned on me last night (haha, how ironic) that our enrollment is next week. Yes, there’s 2 more weeks left (this week included) before school officially starts but waaaaaah. It’s just been too fun! Even if I actually haven’t done anything productive (especially from that list I put up last month!). I really don’t want school to start yet. I especially don’t want to go back to doing epid research! >:c

However, I did accomplish something that wasn’t in my summer to-do list but which I was planning to do anyway. That would be going to the gym. :p I think I started a bit late though. But at least I’ve started feeling better about myself. I think I’ve been too scared by case studies wherein an old lady got osteoporosis or something due to lack of exercise. Okay, I’m ranting now.

I’ve been sad these past few days because one of the kittens I’ve started taking care of (the fatter and more playful/lively male one) has been missing for 3 days now. ;c I really hope he just ran off on his own and that nobody stole him or anything. That would be more depressing :s


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