Absolutely bored, yes. So I’ll just post a small list here. :p

Things I should ideally do this summer

  • First and foremost, have my med school notes/handouts organized and bound
  • Practice driving around the city
  • Clean my room (both here in Manila and Pampanga), throw out junk
  • Learn how to play my violin! T_T;’
  • COOK. Or at least try to… I think I can’t even seem to make instant soup right. But I’m not giving up!
  • Read up on 2nd year med subjects (like Pharma, for one… huhu)
  • Earn some money aka work. Yeah right!
  • TRAVEL! Except that I don’t have the money to do so. Waaaaaah!
  • Take (good) pictures
  • Catch up on TV shows

I’ve been playing Guitar Hero 3 recently and as usual, I downloaded the songs after =) One is really nice!


One response to “Bored

  1. wow may violin ka pla? galing-galing! hehe :) mlapit na pasukan che see you soon!

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