Our finals start on Tuesday, and I seriously have no idea how I’m supposed to cram everything especially since the material is just way too damn long. So here I am blogging about it before I (hopefully, if I don’t get distracted) immerse myself in intestines, clinical correlations, amino acids and *gulp* cardiovascular physiology (so much for my dreams to become a cardiologist haha :p).

Actually, this week is okay. It’s the next week I’m totally scared of because I’ll be having finals in 2 subjects I’ve been failing, namely, biochemistry and physiology. And the exams will be on the first days too T_T How am I supposed to cram 2 or so units of Guyton and a hundred or more pages of metabolism into one flimsy weekend? And this just had to be the shift where the physio department decides we have to have “self-directed learning” too. Waah. Somebody wish me tons and tons of luck. I hope I become an insomniac next week :c

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